Join the Revolution in the newest edition of Homefront
  The year is 2027 and the US has been under attack by the Greater Korean Republic for two years. Everything is hell and the war is not going the way the US hoped. Jumping years back to 2010, the situation in North Korea is very much like what we are experiencing today. There’s high tenision between North Korea and the global Power, because of extreme military aggression, which ... View more


Black Ops Madness! Get 10% off Black Ops 2 and 3!
We're in a great mood here at OnePlay, which is why this weeks coupons are for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and 3.  10% off Call of Duty Black Ops 2: "BLACKOPS2" 10% off Call of Duty Black Ops 3: "BLACKOPS3" You can use the coupons from 19th of May till 29th of May. Remember to use the coupons when you check out of the store.      ... View more


Adventure, time management and storytelling is what the Delicious series is all about!
  There exist many fantastic series, but usually when you think of game series, you turn to AAA titles like Starcraft, Tomb Raider or the Sims, but there are so many great game series out there worth taking a look at, which is exactly what we are going to do today. More specific, we’re going to be taking a closer look at the casual Delicious series, where you follow the newly sta... View more


Coupons for two awesome games, Far Cry Primal and Battlefield 4 Premium Edition
Now is your chance to get Far Cry Primal and Battlefield 4 Premium Edition with 10% off.  The coupons for the games are: Far Cry Primal = "10PRIMAL" Battlefield 4 Premium Edition = "BF4PE10" Remember to use the coupons when you check out of the store. They will be active until 22th of May.         ... View more


Battleborn Competition
Win Battlefront / Twitch Competition View more


Most popular VIP subscription games of April 2016
  We're at the end of April, which means that it's time for our list of the top 5 pc rental games and top 5 android rental games that's part of our VIP subscription service.  The list is as following:   Pc:                               ... View more


Slay hells forces in DOOM or lead your team to victory in Football Manager 2016 - 10% off
This week we have coupons for DOOM and Football Manager 2016. You'll get an extra 10% off both games.   The coupons: DOOM = "DOOM10" Football Manager 2016 = "10FM16" Use the coupon codes when you check out of the store. They will be valid until May 15th.      ... View more


FPS, MOBA, Strategy. Mix it together and you get Battleborn!
  Gearbox Software is at it again and this time it’s a completely new series. Not a reboot, nor a sequel or an expansion, but a game that is completely unique. In the past the company has made games like, Borderlands, Brothers in Arms and Duke Nukem Forever, which all have had a varying degree of success. Borderlands is probably the most well-known, where the cartoonish, but... View more


Get a great deal on XCOM 2 and Just Cause 3
XCOM 2 and Just Cause 3 are the games we have coupons for this week. You can save 10% on both games.  The coupons are:  XCOM 2: "XCOM10" Just Cause 3: "JUST10" Be sure to use the coupons when you check out of the store. The coupons are valid from April 28. to May 08. ... View more


DOOM is coming!
  Doom is back and as always it’s featuring badass demons, big effing guns and a fast paced gameplay. It all started back in 1993 when the original Doom was developed by ID Software. It was a game the world had never seen before and therefore it became a pioneer in the video game industry. Awesome 3d graphics, online multiplayer and support for player created modifications was j... View more