Coupons for 10% off FIFA16 and 10% off The Sims 4
Play some ball and build you family with this weeks coupons. The first game is FIFA16 (PC): 10% off "FIFA2016"  The second game is The sims 4 (PC): 10% off "SIMS4YOU" Remember to use the codes when you check out of the store. The codes are functioning until February 14. The codes don't work with other offers or coupons.  ... View more


Time to defend the world from aliens in XCOM 2 - out february 5
  Aliens, soldiers, survival of humanity and real time tactical strategy is what XCOM 2 is all about. We worked as a commander in the first game – who has been placed in alien stasis up until recently for unknown reasons - controlling the international force who tried to repel the alien invaders. This time, still working as the commander, but now of the resistance force, your job ... View more


Coupons for Just Cause 3 and Fallout 4
We have some awesome new coupons for you this week: Just Cause 3 - Play as a crazy mercenary and enjoy making havoc on an island. Fallout 4 - A beuatifully made game in a post-apocalyptic setting with an amazing storyline and great gameplay. Get 10% off on Just Cause 3 with the code: "JUSTCAUSE3" Get 10% off on Fallout 4 with the code: "FALLOUT" You can use th... View more


Go on an adventure with Lara Croft in Rise of The Tomb Raider
I remember that years back when the first Tomb Raider was released to pc and the adventures of Lara Croft began, my friends and I would huddle around the screen and play for hours. 20 Years have gone by and we’ve received an incredible amount of games to all different platforms. In 2008 Tomb Raider: Underworld was released and although the critics were pleased the sales performance was l... View more


Coupons for 10% off Minecraft and 15% off Dragon age
We've got coupons for two hit titles this Week: Minecraft (PC) - the creative and adventures building game. Dragon Age Inquisition (PC) - the third game in the series, with an immense story and great gameplay.  10% off Minecraft (PC): "MINECRAFT" 15% off Dragon Age Inquisition (PC): "DRAGE" When you check out, use the codes! The codes will be va... View more


The most anticipated pc games of 2016
With the start of the new year, we thought it would be good chance to look at the most anticipated pc games of 2016.  The list is primarily dominated by sequels or games that could be considered part of the same series, but some whole new titles are added to the list. Killing floor 2 - January 8. The only game on this list which has already been released is Killing floor 2. It&rsquo... View more


Huge Shooting Stars Competition (20 Keys)
OnePlay Shooting Stars giveaway View more


Coupons! Coupons! Get your Coupons here!
This week we got one of the user favorites on sale - It's Rocket League! And the amazingly beautiful Assassins Creed: Syndicate.    The coupons for this week:   10% off Rocket League (PC): "ROCKET16" 20% off Assassins Creed: Syndicate (PC): “SYNDICATE16”   Use the coupons when you check out in the store.   The ... View more


The best simulation games!
Today were focusing on simulation games. There exists an impressive amount of games in this genre, which is why we here at OnePlay will try to highlight some of our favorites. So read on and figure out what game you should play next. Euro truck simulator 2 Ever dreamed of driving through Europe in the biggest and coolest trucks transporting cargo of any kind? Of course you have and with Eu... View more


This week we have 10% off Football manager 2016 – and The Sims 4.
Amazing coupons are also available this week, use the vouchers to receive your discounts.   This weeks coupons:   10% off Football Manager 2016 (PC): "MANAGER16" 10% off The Sims 4 (PC): “SIMS”   Remember to use the coupons when you check out.   The codes are active until January 17. They are not valid with other coupons or ... View more