Join the fight against the demonic legion!
  This week at we are proud to present a title of epic proportions! An expansion as hyped as the Burning Crusade expansion. We are met with old allies and enemies as seen in the first expansion. This time The Burning Legion, has come to claim Azeroth once and for all!   The invasion has begun and we are all that stand against the devastating might of Sargeras&rsq... View more


Get ready to conquer the stars!
For a couple of years, we’ve seen a lot of reboots and remakes of old, but popular games and this year is no exception! Games like DOOM has already fueled and fulfilled our expectations and at the same time shown how much we love the old franchises and the game, which is the subject of this article, is no different. The game is called Master of Orion and it’s a reboot of the orig... View more


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Will mankind unite or stay divided?
Have you always wanted to be a superhuman? If so, you probably already played Deus Ex and are just as excited as me to get your hands on the newest edition, called Deus Ex Mankind Divided, being released on August 23. On the other hand, if you haven’t played any games in the series, you’ve missed out! But do not fear, because I’m here to help and I’ll make sure that you... View more


iWin - Casual games for casual gamers!
  This week we, here at Oneplay, continue our search for unrecognized publishers. The list is long and at the top, lies a publisher of various PC/Android/App games, some of which are very well known! That's right! this week we take a look at iWin!   As one of the leading distributors and publishers, iWin brings entertainment to the masses in form of c... View more


Coupons for you!
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Inlogic – A mix of all genres to your liking!
  As we continue to add more and more games to our site, we simultaneously get the chance to introduce new publishers. We here at Oneplay would like to introduce you all to a publisher of great ingenuity with a massive collection of games for all types. Introducing Inlogic!   Inlogic is primarily an Android/iOS publisher with great titles such as Mini-O Wars, Pop Voyage and ... View more


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We love our Steam Mystery Bundles so much that we'll be giving you 20% off both the 5 games bundle and the 10 games bundle! The coupons are:  Steam Mystery Bundle 5 games = "SMB5G" Steam Mystery Bundle 10 games = "SMB10G"   As always, remember to use the coupons when you check out of the store. The coupons are valid until August 14.   &nb... View more


Mega8Games – A variety of adrenaline kicks!
  OnePlay takes great pride in informing gamers of the unnoticed publishers, whom create great games that might surprise and turn out to be fantastic, fun and thrilling. Most of such publishers are unrecognized for the effort and hardship they put in their work. This is truly a shame and that’s why we here at OnePlay try our best to keep you updated on which such publishers exis... View more