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Posted by Ronnie Roberts, 21 December 2016

Some decent obscure titles. A few of the games had been on my wishlist in other apps for a while and I've just been waiting for a good sale. Hell, here I got them all for $5. This comes with a price though. The OnePlay application is one of the worst I've seen, you have to log in every time you open in, you have to validate your games upon installing, you don't decide where to install the application or the games unless you go into the folder c:\Program Files (x86)\One Play\Resources\gamexxx or whatever and run the install manually. These all seem to be GOG games with a special bootstrap attached.

My biggest gripe so far is that a few games seem to install themselves read-only. I played Fossil Echo for 2 hours the other day, closed out, came back and I had no save. I've repeated this process with several games. This is probably worth $5, but be careful if you're looking at full price, it'll bite you.

Oh, if you love hidden object games buy this immediately, this service would be your paradise.

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